Lutino Macaw (Everything You Need to Know)

Meet the Lutino Macaw, also famously known as the Golden Jewels of the macaw world—it’s basically a fancy version of the blue and gold macaw. What makes it stand out? Well, a Lutino bird is like the macaw’s cool, yellow cousin, showing off a special yellow pigment called xanthochromism.

Now, here’s the cool part: the Lutino mutation does a magic trick on the macaw’s colors. It wipes out the usual blues and yellows you see in a regular blue and gold macaw. Instead, the Lutino rocks bright yellow-orange feathers and sports a total makeover with white beaks, tongues, legs, and claws. No dark and mysterious black here!

And let’s talk eyes—it’s got these cute pinkish-gray peepers. All this glitz and glamour? It’s thanks to a gene switcheroo, making it a lutino variation. Now, this variation is like a secret code passed down through genes, and two non-lutino lovebirds can actually have a little Lutino chick. Talk about a recessive genetic superstar!

Guess what? These Lutino Macaws are like rare gems. They’re not as common as the regular Blue and Gold Macaws, making them a hot commodity. So, if you ever spot one, you’ve hit the jackpot of the bird world!


An average Lutino Macaw is about 33 to 39 inches long—pretty much the same size as a blue and gold macaw. When it comes to weight, they usually tip the scales at around two to four pounds. Now, what makes them really stand out is their whole outfit—it’s all about that yellow vibe, thanks to their special mutation.

Take a look at their wings—they’re rocking a cool white to light yellow shade. And here’s a twist—their beaks are white instead of the usual black you’d find on other macaws. Even the muscles and claws on their legs are in on the fashion statement, showing off a chic white color. Talk about a stylish bird!


Lutino Macaws are like the cool cousins of blue and gold macaws when it comes to personality. They’re known for being super social and having sweet, even-tempered vibes, making them top-notch pets. And here’s the bonus—they’re not just cute; they’re also smart cookies, quick learners, and chatterboxes.

These feathered pals can adapt like pros. Whether it’s mingling with different folks or making bird buddies, they’re up for it. And hey, they’re not just social butterflies—they’ve got some serious talent in the tricks department. Some owners even take them on birdy outings using leashes and car seats, turning heads at bird shows and around town.

Around the house, Lutino Macaws are basically attention magnets. They love being close to their owners, soaking up all the love. Plus, they’re totally cool just chilling on their perch, checking out the hustle and bustle around them. In a nutshell, these macaws are the friendly, entertaining houseguests you’ve always wanted!

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Speech and Sound

Speech and Sound

Let’s talk about the Lutino Macaw’s vocal talents—they’re pretty impressive, but not everyone’s cup of tea. These birds can belt out some seriously loud calls, and, well, the neighbors might not be their biggest fans. If you’re in an apartment or condo or have little ones who aren’t fans of sudden noises, you might want to think twice.

Now, on the flip side, this chatty bird is a fast learner and loves to chat. Training them is a breeze if you stay consistent. They can pick up around 20 words and phrases, making them one of the top picks for talking parrot enthusiasts. The bonus? Their voice is crystal clear, making them the rock stars of the talking parrot world. Just be ready for a lively conversation if you bring one of these feathered talkers into your home!

Caring for the Lutino Macaw

The Lutino Macaw, like most of its macaw buddies, craves attention and forms strong bonds with its owner. To keep these lively birds from screaming out of boredom, it’s crucial to socialize them properly and give them plenty of mental stimulation.

When it comes to their living space, think big! A cage for these energetic birds should be at least five feet tall, three or four feet wide, and four or five feet long. They need space to spread their wings, hop around, climb, and stay active.

Some owners even set up a bird-safe room in their homes. These birds have a nibbling habit, so it’s smart to clear out electrical wires, jewelry, and wooden furniture from their hangout.

Before bringing a Lutino Macaw into your life, consider the costs. Factor in avian vet visits, top-notch feed, and must-haves like a spacious cage, play stand, and toys.

Despite their long life, Lutino macaws can face health issues like the macaw wasting syndrome and beak overgrowth. Feeling neglected or bored might lead them to self-mutilation, like feather plucking.

To keep these pets in top shape, a balanced diet and enough exercise are key. Watch out for potential issues like obesity, fatty liver disease, and fatty tumors. Keep those colorful friends happy and healthy!

Diet and Nutrition

Feeding your Lutino Macaw is like preparing a gourmet meal for a colorful friend. Their diet should be a mix of fruits, veggies, and some healthy seeds like flax, hemp, and chia. Hold back on the nut treats, though, since they’re packing a bit too much fat.

Here’s the meal plan: about 80 percent pelleted diet and roughly 20 percent fruits and veggies every day. Serve up one round in the morning when they wake up and another in the evening before they hit the hay. And hey, before bedtime, tidy up and remove any leftovers.

Now, let’s talk tasty treats. Macaws love a fruity feast, so toss in apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, oranges, bananas, mangoes, papayas, and berries. When it comes to veggies, go for the good stuff like carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and leafy greens. It’s a menu fit for a feathered friend!

From Where you can get a Lutino Macaw

From Where you can get a Lutino Macaw

Finding a Lutino Macaw is like striking gold because they’re super rare, and that rarity comes with a price tag. The website Birdman Net Course has these beauties up for grabs, and they’re asking $6,500 for one. If you’re feeling extra fancy, they’ve got a pair of Torch Lutino Macaws for $17,000 and a breeding duo of Lutino Macaws priced at $16,600.

If adding a touch of rare elegance to your life with a Lutino Macaw is on your mind, check out Birdmanpetcourse. But be prepared, these feathery gems don’t come cheap!

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